Pouches with OpenStreetMap!

16 September, 2018

Pouches with OpenStreetMap, the OSMapKerooksBag! :)

In these virtual pages I have never writen about a fantastic project: it’s about the creation of a map of the world, freely editable! You can add informations about the paths, the roads, the libraries, the points of interest, the house number and so on, even about the trees and benches if you want! This project is ** OpenStreetMap **! It’s made up of a community of mappers that contribute and maintain the data of this map, which is Open Data and can be used by anyone, for any purpose, providing the attribution to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and its contributors!
There’re so many possible applications: from “simple” map, to humanitarian mapping, from research, to many different areas. Let me know (in the comments section) if you’d like to know more about OSM :)
Mappers have different tools to collect the data they’ll add on this large database and a field visit is very useful. For this part, I love to go biking ‘cause it allows me to move freely, but put on or pull off the smartphone in the backpack every moment (to use the various applications) was a bit boring.

There was a problem and so here there’s a solution: I needed a pouch to hold sideways, like a bum bag, in order to have the essentials with me, but it shouldn’t hamper the bike ride.

I thought to use a fabric with some bicycles, but then … what about the map of OSM printed on fabric? 😍

Here is how the idea of ​​creating pouches with the OpenStreetMap map was born, the OSMapKerooksBag =)

Bustine con mappe OSM

Each pouch has the correct attribution © OpenStreetMap Contributors and, for some of them, © Stamen Design.
You can sew creations with the map of any city, with different styles and the limit is, once again, only the imagination! :)

Once the fabric was cut out, the first creation was the gray clutch, with the map of Munich:

Pochette con mappa di Monaco di Baviera

Back and front have the same fabric with the Toner style by StamenDesign, edited with GIMP . On the side I’ve added a D ring to let you hook the strap made up with cork and the little label with the attribution :)

Always with the map of Munich, but with the standard OpenStreetMap style, I’ve sewed the one gave me this idea: the OSMapKerooksBag 4 biker :)

Bustina con mappe OSM, ideale per pedalare
(pic by thevoraciousreader_ )

As I told you, I needed something that shouldn’t hamper the bike ride and it should hold the essentials: phone, keys and wallet. I can say that the prototype has met expectations ;)

Bustina con mappe OSM, ideale per pedalare

On the top two little rings, this allow me to add a shoulder strap if I’ll want to, and on the side two bands to let the belt pass through!

There are also the little pouches, of course!, the ones you keep in your bag or backpack! SO the idea to use the Watercolor style of StamenDesign and the map of the city of Milan:

Bustina con mappa di Milano

You can realize pouches with the map of you lovely city, the one you dream of, the town where your home is and many others!

For informations feel free to leave a comment or to write me an ** email **!! =)

At the end, what do you think? Do you like them? Let me know in comments and not forget to subscrib the newsletter to be update about the futher post or to follow me on social ;)

See you soon,
Kerook ♥